Program/Project Management

Project Management - Fitting the PiecesToo many organizations have fallen into the trap of using static project and program management processes to meet dynamic and growing organizational and market needs and opportunities.   Project management is a repeatable discipline that requires planning, organization, management, and controlling objectives, resources and schedules.  However, project management is not the objective – results are.

Having independent project management not only brings new ideas and approaches to your project, but increases the probability of being on-time, within budget, and achieving project goals.  Because independent project management is focused solely on results within the constraints of time and resources, they can be objective in the management of vendors, applications, and resources and provide an unbiased viewpoint in resolving issues and moving forward.

The way you choose to manage a project may be the single largest risk to the entire project – and one size doesn’t fit all.  A good project and program manager understands that empowerment is at least as important as governance, and that innovation is as important as discipline.  Knowing how to create the balances to produce repeatable quality results within the scope of time and resources requires experience, there is no substitute.

PSITex project leaders and staff provide independent and balanced leadership and bring your teams of users, vendors, technology, and operations together to create quality sustainable services and systems that exceed expectations and evolve to embrace changing environments.

Can independent project management focus your teams on success?