Open Source Implementation

Yes, open source software can save you money on licensing. However, its real benefits go far beyond and it is not without risk if your organization is new to the concepts of open source development and collaborative implementation. Like any other implementation process, open source requires both structure and discipline. Unlike classical approaches, the structure and discipline are more heavily dependent on collaboration, peer support, and leveraging peer experience.

Open source software facilitates low cost approaches to proof-of-concept implementation without massive investments in either infrastructure or proprietary platforms – allowing your organization to focus on the end result, rather than inherent tool capabilities and limitations. It also promotes the concept of integration and extensibility that gives your service offerings and products better agility while encouraging responsiveness to customers and markets with your developers.

Open source platforms and systems are often more extensible and scalable than their proprietary platforms – giving you predictable cost structures in the face of burgeoning user and customer base expansion

We help you and your staff minimize risks while maximizing leveraged results by:

  1. Coaching the selection process to ensure envisioned objectives match service capabilities with experience in multiple open source tool sets and environments.
  2. Rapid (sprint) implementation of proofs-of-concept using aggregated services and tools.
  3. Standing up and creating sustainable operational infrastructures using both open source tools and open source collaborative techniques.
  4. Migration and integration of services with existing legacy systems.
  5. Promoting cultural efficiency through introduction and assimilation of open source development methodologies and peer leveraging.
  6. Using open source collaborative approaches to strengthen the bonds between you and your customer user groups.

Have you considered Open Source alternatives for growth, flexibility, and cost?