Cloud Service Brokerage/Management

Cloud Service Brokerage/ManagementEvery successful organization considers and often adopts cloud services for growth, expansion of capabilities and offerings, and cost-containment.

Experience differentiating between hype and reality, risk and knee-jerk fear, and managing orderly, productive transitions safeguards value and ensures success.

We help you and your staff minimize risks while maximizing leveraged results in the emerging cloud world by:

  1. Coaching the selection process to ensure envisioned objectives match service capabilities.
  2. Create and communicate, and contractually obligate required objectives.
  3. Dynamically migrate and integrate services with existing legacy systems and other services.
  4. Manage contracted services to ensure performance, deliverables, and risk.
  5. Identify and transition services to capitalize and leverage emerging market services effectively for your organization.

Have you optimized your cloud strategy?